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The ELIMU Partnership Programme is a thematic based  exchange programme between schools and comunity groups in Norway and similar  in developing countries. The programme provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes for participating effectively in a globalised and a culturally diversified world.

For the year 2015 Friendship North / South has merged the Local community programe and the Elimu school partnership program to Elimu partnership program. Both schools and communities groups have received grants for their partnership cooperation through this program. Focus this year is education, and those who recieve grants work on this theme, quality of education and global education.


The picture shows students from  Kuben secondary school in Oslo and St.Josep's Training Centre in Uganda in solving local environmental and poverty issues. Students in building trades attending entrepreneurial camp and has been tasked to build the simplest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly house in Uganda. In mixed groups, students were sent out on the Ugandan countryside for inspiration to see what the needs were.

The winner group presented a solution that cleaned up the environment - while it was clear cheapest option: house walls consisted of empty bottles.





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