Who we are


Friendship North is a network of community linking based in Oslo Norway. We are a members organisation with about 200 pairs of communites in Norway linked to communities in Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Community linking
Community linking has many labels; friendship links, twining, town to town linking, North-South partnership, South- South links, sister cities, exchange programme, peer-to-peer links etc.

The overall goal of community linking is to engage people from different geographical, political, social, economic and cultural background in a continuous inter-cultural dialog. Through the inter-cultural dialog they share experiences, ideas and enhance understanding that become a basis to seek common solutions and actions to international and local challenges.

Community linking seeks to provide an alternative relationship between people where the focus is on sharing and learning. It is based on the belief that all, irrespective of our cultural, political or economic backgrounds have something to contribute to human knowledge and development.