How can Friendship North/South contribute?


Friendship North/South is a network organisation for friendship linking and offers different tools for exchange and cooperation:

  • Advice- we set up/ arrange contacts, establish friendship links and provide guidance for friendship groups in the South and the North.

  • A meeting place- we arrange courses, conferences, workshops and host an interactive website

  • Information- we provide published material, photos, videos, posters and stands

  • Institutional memory- we pass on good examples, ideas and experiences from friendship linking, and host an archive containing samples of statutes, travel regulations, information strategies and press coverage.

  • Administration of funding available for friendship groups

  • Lobbying and policy work in order to create an understanding of the foundations of friendship linking as well as financial funding for our network

  • A competence centre providing resources and methods for developing ideas, creating dialogue and handling the challenges of friendship linking.