Benefits of community linking



Good friends mean new perspectives
When people from different cultures meet and interact, they always have something to learn from each other. A friendship link will put you in direct contact with a local community in another part of the world, and you will get to know the people living in that community. Friendship linking provides new ideas as well as enriching perspectives on your own lifestyle; in turn this will challenge the way you perceive other countries and other peoples.

Experiencing community
In a friendship link anyone can contribute. The cooperation often develops into an activity that unites different segments of a local society. This contributes to both dedication and a sense of local belonging along with the experience of being part of a greater community, a community across borders and cultures. Exchange of ideas will mean new perspectives and stimulating contributions. And you make friends. Friends for life.

Solving problems together
When communities like Aremark and Marker in Norway are struggling with polluted rivers; when the city of Stavanger decides to drastically reduce its pollution and use of resources; these are the times when a friendship link with a community in a different part of the world comes in handy. Someone you know and can depend on. Someone with knowledge, perspectives and resources you cannot find in your own community. Friendship links across borders can enable us to solve problems in a sustainable way. When people from different parts of the world work together, their collective experiences may lead to new perspectives and even innovative solutions to problems and challenges. Ideas generate ideas!

An equal relationship

The relationship between the North and the South is often based on inequality, of us helping them. A friendship link, on the other hand, is based on equality. It is a method for mutual learning, exchange of ideas and local community development. It is not a transfer of money and material goods from one party to the other. A friendship link is really just like a good friendship, a co-operation between equal partners.