Who and How?


Who can participate?
Friendship groups can consist of councils, groups and individual community members, or represent a school, a church or even a handicraft association.

How to start

  1. Be part of/ create a group and invite different actors in the community to join you
  2. Obtain material and information from Friendship North/South
  3. Map your local community and its links to the South/North
  4. Establish links with a group in the South/North. Do not rush it!
  5. Present your group and local community in a letter of introduction.

The road ahead

  1. Decide on mutual statutes for your collaboration and exchange visits.
  2. Think about the benefits and pitfalls of exchange visits; do you need a distinct set of rules for travelling and visits?
  3. The theme for your co-operation; sit down together and discuss your educational or thematic collaboration.
  4. Apply for financial support
  5. Establish links with a group in the South. Do not rush it!

 Below is a list of links that will be of help to you in this process.