Guatemalan students turn garbage into artistic clothing

The Liceo Urrutia in Guatemala uses garbage to create awareness of the environment and of consumerism. It also uses it to generate funds for cultural events.

Guatemalan youths take development into their own hands

Youth participants in the Friendship North-South program “Prints” organize and form their own company in support and development of their country.

The South learns from the South - from Nicaragua to Guatemala

A representative of the FUNARTE organization of Nicaragua visited FUNDATED Guatemala to share her extensive experience promoting psycho affection through art. It is tool of empowerment and increased self-esteem.

Ecological crops in Aguacatán

A producer starts growing healthy, ecological vegetables and increases earnings by using earthworm compost and natural insecticides.

Mayan women work for the environment

Mayan women of the town of San Andrés, Sajcabjá, Quiché in Guatemala have involved the local and municipal authorities in their environmental work.

Garbage as a source of generating income

In Guatemala, worms turn organic garbage into agricultural fertilizer and generate good income.

Development through social entrepreneurship in Guatemala

The Østfold Fair Trade- Adiypeca Guatebella Aynica group reaches one million people in Guatemala with its message of fair trade and social entrepreneurship.

The Mayan people are inspired by the Sami

Mayan youths reaffirm their commitment to their culture inspired by their experience with the Sami youth during an exchange trip to Norway.