The Villa 4 Alamos neighborhood of Santiago has worked for many years for environmentally sustainable development as well as to improve conditions for its city-center residents.

The Trondheim, Norway-Mbulu, Tanzania Friendship group uses theatre to create awareness of global issues such as wealth distribution.

The Friendship group between Nessodden, Norway and Santa Tecla, El Salvador has found an innovative tool in bringing about change in society: football.

Work with the handicapped by the Friendship Gjøvik and Santo Domingo group achieves notoriety at the governmental level and a working agreement with the Ministry of Education in Dominican Republic is signed.

The Norway-Kenya Friendship group organized a creative writing project between the “Rise and Shine” Academy in Mombasa, Kenya and the Oppegård School in Norway.

Youth participants in the Friendship North-South program “Prints” organize and form their own company in support and development of their country.

A representative from the Liceo Urrutia in Guatemala visited FUNARTE Nicaragua to share experiences in artistic work as well as spread Mayan cosmology.

The first eco-neighborhood in Chile plants native fruit trees to honor its fallen citizens.