A group of Palestinian youths received professional training in the art of cinema and made their own films showing their reality, from their perspective, for the rest of the world to see.

Thanks to the Friendship North-South exchange program between Lambertseter and Ramallah, global issues such as democracy, with a focus on the Middle East, have been added to the syllabus.

Norwegian and South African youths work together to organize “Dignity Day” in South Africa and “Value of Getting Involved” in Norway.

The Friendship group between Nessodden, Norway and Santa Tecla, El Salvador has found an innovative tool in bringing about change in society: football.

The Liceo Urrutia in Guatemala uses garbage to create awareness of the environment and of consumerism. It also uses it to generate funds for cultural events.

Youth participants in the Friendship North-South program “Prints” organize and form their own company in support and development of their country.

Global issues are included in school syllabi as a result of the Friendship North-South exchange program between Nicaragua and Norway.

Youths participating in a North-South exchange create their own organization to work on the environment by planting trees and create awareness of environmental issues by using theatre as a tool.

Youths become change agents and advise their own municipalities in Madagascar about environmental issues.

Youths from Uganda form their own conflict resolution business and teach various dialogue tools. These tools are based on their own social entrepreneurial experience.

A group of Norwegian and Kenyan students take development into their own hands and create a company with production in Kenya and sales in Norwegian and Kenyan shopping malls.

A young Ugandan woman was empowered during her exchange studies in the Friendship North-South Elimu Program and became a social entrepreneur in her country.

Mayan youths reaffirm their commitment to their culture inspired by their experience with the Sami youth during an exchange trip to Norway.

Friendship North-South’s work creates debate about the global issue that is the Middle East, particularly the situation in Palestine. Local debate reaches national level via an article in a countrywide newspaper.